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Parsley to Abort an Unwanted Pregnancy Naturally at Home

Parsley is another home-based remedy to terminate early pregnancy. It is available in various variety and can be used to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy naturally at home. Girls even use it to start delayed periods.

Parsley is popularly used as a garnishing ingredient all over the world. It's high in vitamin A, and vitamin K. Parsley is deep green and can be used fresh or in dried powdered form. It comes in a various variety. Some prefer one with curved leaves as flat leaves can be mistaken with another poisonous herb.       

Parsley can be stored in the refrigerator for almost a week when packed in a plastic foil. It can be easily used in sauce, soups, vegetables and all kinds of dishes. You can either add them as a tastemaker in the food you are preparing or else use it at the end to garnish the dish. Parsley has high nutritional values and is a good source of many vitamins and oil components and flavonoids.            

To get rid of the unwanted pregnancy, chop down the leaves of parsley. Mix this parsley leaves with some water and put it into a blender. Blend the mixture and pour it into a cup. Now drink this mixture. Continue the procedure until you have got the results you wanted.

You can also use the powdered form of dried parsley. Mix a tablespoon of dried parsley powder with a glass of warm water and drink it at night. Continue the process until you have got the required results.

All these home-based remedies are for an early pregnancy to abort naturally at home. If you are pregnant for more than ten weeks, then never go for home based remedies as they may cause complexities. Always consult a physician when you are more than ten weeks pregnant and want to terminate it. It would require the cleaning of the embryo with physical tools or else it may cause a formation of cyst which can cause further problems when not treated properly.

Drinking parsley helps loosen the cervix which leads to termination of pregnancy. You can even place some springs of parsley into your vagina to get similar results. You need to change leaves every three hours until you get the results. This is a quick and easy way to get your desired results.

Since parsley grows on the ground and is directly pulled out with their roots, they need to be cleaned properly. You need to soak them in water for some time to let all the mud and dirt settle down. Then wash it properly under running water and pat dry by putting them on a dry clean towel.

One more way to use parsley is to take in the form of tea. Mix some dried parsley into a cup of tea and drink it. This can be repeated until you get the desired results. This is a health drink which can be taken otherwise as well. It has got lots of health benefits. It works to keep your heart healthy. It breakdowns the dangerous ingredients into smaller molecules which otherwise cause harm to heart muscles.

Post by homeremediesforabortion (2017-04-24 09:03)

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